A small-town pharmacy with world-class service. Your health is our passion.

At Clancy's we don't just fill prescriptions

We take an active role in your well-being. Clients are offered a wide range of pharmacist-clinical services, beyond what you might expect, even extending to expert advice on blending conventional and alternative medicines.


We carry a wide array of Home Health Care products and natural health medicines. Our herbal and alternative products are selected from the most reputable suppliers. We also have a unique giftware section including boutique baby clothing and skin care products.


At our full-service pharmacy, we offer a wide range of free services within the Pharmacist’s Expanded Scope of Practice including in-home consultations, vaccinations, certified smoking cessation and diabetes programs. 

What people are saying about Clancy's Drug Store

Couldn’t ask for a more helpful staff. Always a pleasure to deal with the best!
— Marjory M., Facebook
Samantha (Sam) collaborated with my doctors and helped me achieve a combination and schedule of medications that has significantly improved my overall quality of life.
— Dave U., Google Reviews
[Samantha’s] patient care is a perfect combination of kindness and information and is equally influenced by her clinical background in combination with real world knowledge. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Sarah W., Google Reviews
Clancy’s has been unbelievably supportive. They have always been there for me with information on meds, application and for my holistic inquiries.
— Mike M., Google Reviews
Best pharmacist I ever worked with or had take care of my health.
— Jamie S., Facebook
They deserve my business hands down.
— Rick P., Facebook
I would definitely recommend [Clancy’s] to anyone else who is tired of poor customer service. It was so easy to switch over.
— Shawn A., Facebook